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Case (Field)
A management consulting team has been hired to advise HuStream Technologies on a new business model and target market. HuStream operates a service-based business model, providing customers with fully produced interactive video content. In the founders’ efforts to transition to a product-based business, they have built a cloud-based platform to provide easy accessibility to their company’s products and services. Using that platform, clients can produce their own interactive content. HuStream faces the challenge of transitioning from an entirely service- based business model to an entirely product-based business model. The consultancy’s task is to identify HuStream’s top business and marketing opportunities using the service-based business model and keeping within the constraints of limited funding.
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The case can be taught from a technology feature and design perspective, whereby the web services architecture is built to fit to customers, the available funding and the business model. Alternatively, it can be taught from the entrepreneurial perspective of creating a new business venture, identifying a client base, raising funds, building a strategic position and generating revenue.
Information Systems,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Canada, Small, 2013
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