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Invictus: Introducing Leadership Competencies, Character and Commitment
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04/04/2018 (Format Change)
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Case (Library)
Business schools have done an admirable job of teaching competencies, and many business organizations have defined the framework of competencies that are required to be successful in the institution. However, much less attention has been spent on leadership character and the importance of commitment to the leadership role. There is no consistent understanding among executives about what character means, despite a concurrence that it is important. The movie Invictus portrays Nelson Mandela in his first year as the first black president of the newly desegregated South Africa as he persuades not only both black and white populations to support the national rugby team in its effort to win the World Cup but also the players themselves. It provides a truly brilliant illustration of not only the competencies required to lead but also the leadership character and commitment that are needed to lead during trying times.
Learning Objective:
  • To identify the competencies, character and commitment associated with good leadership, that is, what good leaders do and who good leaders are.
  • To observe character and its 11 dimensions — integrity, humility, courage, humanity, drive, accountability, temperance, justice, collaboration, transcendence and judgment — in practice.
  • To reflect on our own leadership.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
Public Administration
South Africa, Medium, 2005
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