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Triage at Rouge Valley Health System
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Case (Field)
In late 2006, the Rouge Valley Health System’s board of directors began to grasp the gravity of the leadership challenge set before them: rescue the amalgamated Scarborough Centenary Hospital and the Ajax and Pickering General Hospital, which was financially a “basket case,” or face an imposed government takeover. A recently completed independent peer review conducted from June through November 2007 came down hard on the former senior leadership team for poor performance and lack of accountability. To reverse the hospital’s grave prognosis, the board needed to perform triage: work with their new chief executive officer to stop the financial bleed, restore faith among the hospital’s senior management and work towards a new organizational culture.
Learning Objective:
  • To focus on the inherent risks and challenges of mergers.
  • To examine why siloed organizations fail.
  • To discuss leadership challenges involved in change management, specifically in a highly regulated unionized environment.
  • To examine a board of directors' leadership role in times of transition, identifying best practices in change communications and understanding management behaviours that can bring about downfall or lead to success.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Health Care Services
Canada, Large, 2006
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