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Insights Analytics: Technology for a Knowledge Management Program
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Case (Gen Exp)
Leading analytics firm, Insights Global Analytics, handled many analytics processes and projects requiring extensive domain and statistical expertise. Employees with prior analytics experience had skill-sets that could be utilized for other projects. Analysts and consultants working on business research projects had strong domain knowledge about various technological trends. However, sometimes one team did not know about the rich skills possessed by another team. To build a knowledge-sharing culture that would facilitate the incubation of new ideas, spread different skills across the organization, break the silos among teams and promote free exchange of ideas among employees the company decided to implement a knowledge management (KM) program. A team was appointed with the challenge of selecting an appropriate cost-effective technology that would achieve the objective of fostering a knowledge-sharing culture.
Learning Objective:
This case offers broad learning opportunities through several questions, including:
  • What key challenges do KM managers face in establishing KM programs?
  • What should managers consider when analyzing the various technology options for a KM system?
  • How should the potential of a new KM technology be assessed? What factors determine the decision process?
Information Systems,  International
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
India, Large, 2012
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