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UltraRichMatch.com: Online Matrimony in India
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Case (Field)
In November 2011, UltraRichMatch.com (URM) was founded as an online matrimonial portal targeted at Indian millionaires. URM was unique as it provided both wedding planning and matchmaking services. URM depended on building affiliations with providers of wedding products and services. These affiliations had not grown according to expectations. By early 2013, the founder believed that expansion was necessary for URM. He had arrived at three options for expansion: expansion online with a new portal, setting up a franchise chain of bricks and mortar marriage centres/ bureaus and expansion of URM’s affiliate program to attract more customers. His dilemma was whether to pursue all these plans simultaneously or one at a time.
Learning Objective:
  • Understand the key elements of entrepreneurial marketing.
  • Analyze whether an entrepreneur’s business model is viable and sustainable.
  • Evaluate the expansion strategy of a web start-up.
  • Appraise the innovativeness of a niche matrimonial portal and formulate a new revenue model.
This case is appropriate both for a course on entrepreneurship in a postgraduate full-time program and for an executive education program that targets existing or potential entrepreneurs. It can be used to understand the expansion phase of an entrepreneur’s organization life cycle.
Marketing,  International,  Entrepreneurship
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India, Small, 2013
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