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Leading Change at Michelin's Shanghai Factory (A)
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Case (Field)
Case A describes the difficult situation facing the recently appointed plant manager of Shanghai Michelin Warrior Tire, a joint venture between a poorly performing Chinese state-owned enterprise and a France-based private company, Michelin Corporation. Michelin headquarters was pressing the plant manager to implement the Management System of Daily Production to improve the factory’s performance, but the plant manager sensed that the plant’s employees were not yet ready. He contemplates what changes to make in this factory and how best to do so. Case B, 9B14C013, reports on the plant manager’s actions to improve the joint venture’s performance.
Learning Objective:
This case series is suitable for use in graduate- and executive-level courses in general management, organizational behaviour, change leadership, authentic leadership, managing cultural differences, coaching practices and conducting business in emerging markets. The case objectives include the following:
  • Determining the key success factors of leading a change process.
  • Demonstrating the traits and behaviours of an authentic leader, particularly when leading change in an environment with a different culture and language.
  • Identifying the difficulties that can arise from cultural differences in a JV and the guiding principles that can overcome them.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
China, Large, 2008-2011
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Use With: 9B14C013 (9 pages)
Translations: Simplified Chinese (8 pages) , Simplified Chinese (5 pages)
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