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JOG Sports: Sports Apparel and Ice Hockey in Thailand
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Case (Field)
JOG Sports, a sports apparel and sports marketing business, has crossed the psychologically important threshold of $1 million in annual sales. Although the company was started as a hobby and side interest of the chief executive officer (CEO) and main founder, management of the company soon became his only occupation. The scale of the company increased quickly, with the sports apparel business growing in product lines, geographic scope of sales and diversity within products. Meanwhile, the sports marketing arm also grew as the CEO organized new and larger ice hockey tournaments. The CEO needs to make some important decisions regarding the future growth of the company, including issues of strategy formulation and strategy implementation, an explicit process within the rapidly growing company.
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This case provides a useful introduction to strategy for both undergraduate and MBA students. Generally, the case is best taught at the start of the course, as the company situation is easy to understand, and the issues explored are foundational to more complex issues that are typically covered later in a strategy course. The case involves an analysis of the organization, management preferences and resources in an effort to understand not only what the company can do but also what the CEO wants to do. Given that the resource context is fairly straightforward, an important consideration is how (and whether) the company can establish a sustainable position, given the context of its competitive environment. The analysis also includes devising a strategy that plays off these elements of the Diamond-E model.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Thailand, Small, 2013
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