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Business Systems Group and the Triathlon Sponsorship Question
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Case (Field)
AWARD WINNING CASE - 2014 Emerald/AABS Case Study Competition. In December 2012, the CEO of the professional services company Business Systems Group (BSG) called his management team together to evaluate the firm’s continued sponsorship of the BSG Triathlon Series. The previous five years of the sponsorship were considered a worthwhile investment by the business, although the relationship with Triathlon South Africa (TSA) was becoming increasingly strained. The case charts the growth of BSG’s business in South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as the evolution of the sponsorship and relationship with TSA. The decisions facing BSG were whether to renew the sponsorship and build towards the Rio Olympics in 2016, continue with the BSG Triathlon Series without TSA sanction or exit the firm’s involvement in the sport.
Learning Objective:
This case study is written for a sport marketing class, and provides students with an opportunity to critique the rationale for and management of a sport sponsorship.
  • To understand the objectives involved in sponsoring sport.
  • To diagnose relationship quality issues facing sponsorship stakeholders.
  • To evaluate sponsorship renewal or exit decisions.
The case is set within the domestic triathlon sponsorship of an IT professional services firm, although the learnings from the case may be applied to other sport sponsorships from other corporate sectors.
Marketing,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Information, Media & Telecommunications
South Africa, Medium, 2012
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