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Uncle Betty's: Toronto's Most Innovative Chef-quality Diner
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Case (Field)
A couple who had moved to a new home in Toronto noticed that the area did not offer any dining options similar to the New York diners they had loved in their four years of living there. The couple, who had two young children, could not find a place nearby that was child-friendly and served chef-quality food. Rather than waiting for someone else to fill the gap in the upscale neighbourhood, the couple opened Uncle Betty’s. The restaurant was successful from day one. Now the owners want to grow Uncle Betty’s but they have some key questions. What growth options are realistic in light of their current resources and capabilities? What would be the right pace for growth to prevent others from copying the Uncle Betty’s experience?
Learning Objective:
  • To provide the opportunity for discussion in strategy classes pertaining to competitive mapping, managerial preferences and core competencies.
  • To provide the opportunity for discussion in entrepreneurship classes pertaining to growth and scaling a business.
  • To allow faculty to introduce and provide depth in areas such as: dimensions of rivalry, the differences between direct and indirect competition, the relationship between a company’s value chain and value proposition, the role a firm’s resources and capabilities play in helping or hindering a company’s growth strategy, developing a growth plan and moving from a single to a multi-location operation.
  • To allow students to forecast an income statement using quantitative information.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship
Accommodation & Food Services
Canada, Small, 2014
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