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Yamato Transport Co. Ltd.: TA-Q-BIN
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Case (Field)
Since 1976, Yamato had enjoyed steady growth in the Japanese domestic parcel delivery market. Yamato had maintained its leading position in Japan through its highly acclaimed TA-Q-BIN service. However, with changing demographics and market conditions, the business landscape had been changing. Overdependence on the domestic delivery business limited the overall growth of Yamato. Furthermore, the growth of the TA-Q-BIN business in Japan was limited by the stagnant growth of Japan’s economy. Makoto Kigawa, president and then chairman of Yamato Transport, had been relentlessly pursuing business restructuring as well as promoting productivity improvements. His goal was to increase the share of the delivery business related to overseas markets from four to twenty per cent of total revenue by the time of Yamato’s centennial celebrations in 2019. How could he successfully implement the TA-Q-BIN service system in overseas markets such as Taiwan, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Malaysia?
Learning Objective:
The case highlights a major challenge faced by any company when a successful business model expands overseas — that is, transplanting core operational capabilities. The issues related to building operational capabilities in foreign markets deserve students’ attention in the context of global operations. The case seeks to
  • Illustrate how Yamato delivered its highly acclaimed TA-Q-BIN service in Japan.
  • Highlight the challenges of the Bus Stop Operation.
  • Analyze the critical success factors and operational capabilities required in the industry.
  • Discuss the challenges of providing the TA-Q-BIN service beyond Japan.

This case can be used in both undergraduate and MBA modules in operations management, service management and supply chain management with an emphasis on innovative services and global expansion. There are several ways to position this case in a course:
  • Operations Management: Global operations management, express delivery.

  • Service Management: Innovative services, door-to-door and consumer-to-consumer delivery.
  • Supply Chain Management: Express delivery, e-commerce, business-to-business and business-to-consumer delivery.
Operations Management,  International
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Japan, Large, 2012
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