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Sweet Leaf Bath Co.
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Case (Field)
Sweet Leaf Bath Co. is a small, family-operated bath and body products company specializing in fairtrade, environmentally conscious products. The company progressed from initially selling its high-quality, unique products at craft shows and exhibitions to limited sales through local retailers. Through these sales channels, Sweet Leaf’s founding partners learned more about the bath and body industry and the international issues surrounding the sourcing of many raw ingredients used in their products. However, after a year of minimal sales growth, the partners realized that they needed to develop and implement a new marketing strategy that would enable them to grow the business. Out of the many options available to expand the company’s distribution plans and promotional efforts, its owners must select those opportunities that will offer maximum benefits on a limited budget.
Learning Objective:
This case should be positioned at the end of an introductory marketing module or course and can be used as either a testing vehicle or a comprehensive case. The case is designed to:
  • Illustrate the importance of conducting a thorough marketing analysis in order to be able to develop a consistent and comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Expose students to both the qualitative and quantitative factors that must be considered before making business decisions.
  • Illustrate the challenges involved in developing a marketing strategy with the goal of increasing sales.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to practise creating a marketing strategy with limited financial and operating resources.
Marketing,  Entrepreneurship
Canada, Small, 2012
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