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Cyberpreneur's Wake-up Call: Cyber Security and Millennial Talent Crises
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05/02/2014 (Format Change)
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Case (Field)
It was summer of 2013, and the news of cyber-attacks and information security breaches was on the rise in India, as it was worldwide. Incidents such as the Axis bank’s cyber-crime incident and the news of the American National Security Agency’s global e-surveillance were creating consternation and dilemmas in the minds of information security consultants. One such consultant owned and operated an information security company, Percept Softech, a Lakshyaa Technology Lab’s Jaipur franchise. The consultant was bogged down by a number of problems and dilemmas. The first was his marketing and business growth strategy, which was not helping him in promotion of his business. Information security solutions, spying, vulnerability checks, key logging and allied propositions were difficult to promote. Managing young millennial talent was another major problem for him. Apart from the woes of business growth, inefficiency in promotion and talent issues, the consultant was now facing another dilemma. Should he start a new business away from the umbrella of the Lakshyaa Technology Lab? Should he partner with a detective agency? Or should he relocate from Jaipur to a more central location (such as New Delhi) where perhaps people would be more aware of the importance of cyber security and students would be more interested in pursuing cyber security training?
Learning Objective:
The concepts discussed in this case will enable students to acquire new skills and understanding in the following broad areas:
  • Theories of entrepreneurship: The rationale of technology enabled entrepreneurship (cyberpreneurship).
  • Talent management: The logic of decisions related to the hiring, retention and nurturing of millennial talent.
  • The interface of human resource management and information management and the importance of technology in managing and nurturing both businesses and talent in contemporary society.

Specifically, the students will be able to appreciate:
  • The emergence of “cyberpreneurs” in contemporary times and a typology of entrepreneurship.
  • Cyber-entrepreneurship and information security challenges in the context of emerging markets such as India.
  • Fundamental drivers for cyber businesses.
  • Relocation challenges and the career paths of cyber-entrepreneurs.
  • Communication of business propositions and the ethnical running of a company.
Information Systems,  International,  Entrepreneurship,  Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Information, Media & Telecommunications
India, Small, 2013
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