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Making Big Data Real: At Last, Marketers Get Audience Data That Matters (Simplified Chinese version)
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Ivey Business Journal
Much of the business world is full of Big Data, but many industry insiders have no idea what data are valuable or how to deploy them. Yet real data, effectively deployed and interpreted, make for real insights. As the CEO of Triggit says, “If you can stem the dramatic fragmentation of media and audience that has accompanied the explosion of screens and other venues where consumers access content, you can monetize the dramatic amount of data made available to marketers from these many new channels.” After surveying the state of the digital advertising marketplace, this article profiles four data and insight vendors. Triggit serves Facebook Exchange and finds ever-better uses of audience data to make advertising decisions for clients. ThinkVine, which has called the glut of data available a “huge distraction,” has a hands-on business model and understands the utility of data. The firm krux digital has developed a self-serve offering for enterprises and medium and smaller sized business. Merkel comes from an offline data orientation and presents clients with the opportunity to cut through the “Babel” of data. The article concludes by arguing that the ad tech market, crowded and valued at almost $60 billion in 2012, is about to be forced to organize by the vendors offering distinctive services that solve business problems for publishers and marketers, and by strategic investors seeking to create a more efficient marketplace.
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