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Binnj on the Apple iPad (Graphic novel version) (Simplified Chinese version)
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20 pages (20 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
This is a graphic novel version of Ivey case Binnj on the Apple iPad (#9B10E024).

In this dialogue-styled case, Binnj’s CEO has assembled a team of people for a 100-day science experiment to determine whether a new high-tech business venture is worth pursuing. He is focused on an untapped market — a new kind of restaurant menu service built on the Apple iPad platform. Members of the team are excited and have been working furiously on the project while retaining their full-time jobs. They have developed a prototype of the technology and business offering, pitched the idea to several clients, and generated significant interest. The case is set at the end of the first 100 days, when the CEO must decide on the next steps.
Learning Objective:
This case introduces students to information technology entrepreneurship, technology development approaches, service pricing issues, virtual project management techniques and tools, brainstorming revenue-generating opportunities, and the challenges of prioritizing decisions.
Information Systems,  Marketing,  Entrepreneurship
Accommodation & Food Services
Canada, Small, 2010
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$5.30 CAD / $5.00 USD Printed Copy
$4.50 CAD / $4.25 USD Permissions
$4.50 CAD / $4.25 USD Digital Download
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Translations: English (20 pages)
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