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Nurturing Green: The Growth Dilemma (C)
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13 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Nurturing Green is a three-year-old private company that is trying to change the gift-giving culture of India by offering attractively packaged potted plants in place of the traditional candy or cut flower bouquets presented on special occasions to friends, family and business associates. The founder of the start-up is a young, passionate entrepreneur who is risking much in order to grow his company. To realize the idea of “green gifting” to help the environment, he has accepted funding from a venture capitalist firm in exchange for giving up 25 per cent equity in his business. Now, it is time to revisit that agreement and, although the company has been very successful, the owner is concerned that the investors will demand more control and a faster growth focus than he is willing or able to meet. He is also worried about the sales forecast, return on investment for the short and the long term, monthly cash flows and employee motivation and performance reviews. Should he respond to the many requests to franchise the business or should he concentrate on developing the brand in new markets? How can he expand business-to-business sales while also opening more stores in malls in all parts of the country to sell directly to customers? Will the new website develop more online sales? As he prepares for a meeting with the auditors and investors, the owner looks for a solution to continue growing while retaining control over his company.
Learning Objective:
  • To study the personality traits associated with an entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial process.
  • To study the growth strategy of a start-up firm and the trade-offs that have to be made.
  • To study the effect of seeking funding early in the lifecycle of a start-up enterprise and possible options to venture capital or angel funding for such an enterprise.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Retail Trade
India, Small, 2012
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Use With: 9B12M075 (9 pages)
Supplements: 9B12M077 (2 pages)
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