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MBA Starting Salaries (Simplified Chinese)
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Case (Gen Exp)
Every year MBA programs across the country advertise for prospective students. They promote the academic excellence of their programs, the uniqueness of their offerings, the quality of their faculty and a variety of other factors. In a competitive market, the goal is to attract the brightest and the best. Many schools claim that graduates of their programs will see large salaries on graduation. This is clearly a very important part of many students’ decision criteria. In fact, the Financial Times rating of MBA programs uses graduates’ salaries as a large component of their rating system. A student has access to the salary data from a prominent MBA school in North America. She sits down to analyze the data and see what factors are associated with higher salaries.
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The case can be used to teach descriptive statistics, T-Tests, ANOVA and even regression if the instructor desires. The instructor can teach aspects of surveys such as social desirability and who does and does not respond to surveys. The case also illustrates the problems with using small sub-samples to make generalizations.
Management Science
Educational Services
Canada, Medium, 2012
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