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Diamond Cab: Investment of a Venture Philanthropy Fund
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Case (Field)
Diamond Cab has developed a business model to provide improved transportation for wheelchair users. The model shows that services considered as social welfare can actually be profitable, as wheelchair users have increasingly demanded better transportation beyond inconvenient rehab buses and commercial taxis. Diamond Cab has navigated the regulatory environment and cultural norms of Hong Kong to offer its award-winning service, and other cities have come to learn from its initial success. As a social enterprise nurtured by Social Ventures Hong Kong, a venture philanthropy fund, it faces the challenge of soliciting more investment and talent to scale up the operation with a larger fleet of taxis and eventually return monetary and social dividends to the investors of the fund.

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Learning Objective:
  • To understand how an innovative social venture can be nurtured through a systematic study of the environment and the market.
  • To learn why social ventures need to prepare the market for their services.
  • To understand the challenges in expanding successful social ventures.
  • To learn the concepts of venture philanthropy (as compared to venture capital) and its challenges in implementation.
This case is written for senior undergraduate or MBA students interested in social entrepreneurship or social venture investment. It is also useful for teaching executives and staff in social enterprises.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Social Advocacy Organizations
Hong Kong, Small, 2012
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