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Chipotle: Mexican Grill, Inc.: Food with Integrity
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Case (Library)
AWARD WINNING CASE - This case won the 2013 Oikos Sustainability Case Writing Competition. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. competes in the fast casual segment of the restaurant industry. Its founder and current co-CEO has always emphasized not only good tasting food but also a commitment to sustainability through the mission statement: “Food with Integrity.” The company has positioned itself as a differentiator, using both food quality and a commitment to sustainability as factors that isolate it from its competitors. However, in 2012, the company faces a number of challenges from increased competition and rising food costs. As a result, a hedge fund investor has recently called for shorting the company’s stock. The co-CEOs must decide on the best course to confront these challenges as the company’s stock price is in a free fall.
Learning Objective:
  • Examine how a company can position itself in the competitive market space.
  • Identify drivers of differentiation.
  • Examine the value of using sustainability as a differentiator.
  • Identify the resources that sustain a company’s competitive position.
  • Understand the choices that managers have to make with respect to a company’s market position.
General Management/Strategy
Accommodation & Food Services
United States, Large, 2012
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