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School Chaley Hum: Optimizing Students' Commute to KPS
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Case (Field)
A privately managed school in Raipur, India, is faced with concerns from parents regarding long commutes faced regularly by students. The school has grown from a modest 89 students and 12 faculty members in 1993 to more than 2,700 students. Today, student commutes range from a few steps to several kilometres on school buses of varied capacities. While the transportation manager has been making adjustments to bus routes and capacity at the beginning of each term, the issue has become too large for one person to manage. In response, management decides to hire a consulting firm specializing in supply chain modeling to find a solution that would reduce not only students’ travel times but also fuel consumption and greenhouse gases emitted by the buses, thereby reducing the school’s carbon footprint.
Learning Objective:
For use in courses on logistic management, supply chain management or decision analysis at the MBA level.
  • To understand the various issues, existing practices and algorithms pertaining to the short distance haul (also called the last mile delivery) as well as the concepts of the travelling salesman problem and vehicle routing problem.
  • Learn to apply various heuristic approaches to solve such problems with the help of relevant computer software.
  • To explain the need to translate complex algorithms in a simple and lucid way for those who work on a tight schedule on a daily basis.
Operations Management,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Educational Services
India, Large, 2012
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