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Convocation at the National Institute of Management's Central India Campus (A)
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Case (Field)
The (A) case involves managing the planning and execution of the first convocation held at one of the campuses of a business school in Nagpur, India, at fairly short notice. The school’s chairperson of post-graduate studies in management programs has been appointed as the chief co-ordinator of the event. Leveraging his operations-management background and working in collaboration with other faculty, he sets about identifying the required activities and their precedence relationships in order to ascertain the time required to complete these activities.

The (B) case 9B13D004 presents a situation that arises about three weeks into the project that necessitates some replanning in midstream.
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This case was written for the section of an operations management course that deals with project management. The cases and the related discussions of their content are intended to demonstrate the basics of key project-management techniques. They could be used in conjunction with relevant operations management computer software. Students can use this information to plan and schedule a project so it can be executed on the scheduled date. The cases demonstrate planning, controlling, directing and replanning the timing of a series of activities for an event using project-management techniques. The cases could also be used as an introduction in courses on project management.
Operations Management,  International
Educational Services
India, Large, 2011
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