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Case (Field)
The CEO and founder of ExerciseApp decided to take the plunge and spec out the features of his new iPhone mobile application and supporting website. He planned for ExerciseApp to stream exercise workouts from pro-athletes to followers who wanted to “Train. Play. Be. Like the Pros” and get an edge to their workouts. As he envisioned the application, he realized he would need a lot of help with the technology and the setup of this entrepreneurial venture in order to successfully bring it to market. With limited funding, he must decide on the next steps for the business, including the application’s features, business model and market strategy.
Learning Objective:
This case explores the process of creating a new entrepreneurial venture involving a mobile application, where the entrepreneur must formulate and attract paying customers, devise a strategy and refine an innovative business model, all while constrained by limited funding. This case can be taught from a mobile app design perspective, where the mobile architecture would be built to fit to the customers, funding and business model. Alternatively, it can be taught from the entrepreneurial perspective, focused on creating a new business venture, locating a customer, building revenue and strategic positioning and raising funds.
Information Systems,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Canada, Small, 2012
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