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Yamato Transport: Replicating Japanese Success in Singapore
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18 pages (8 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Yamato Transport, Japan’s leading parcel delivery company, experienced internationalization and geographical diversification issues. When it launched its operations in Singapore in 2010 with a view to further branching out into Southeast Asia, the company faced challenges owing to different cultural and social landscapes, difficulties penetrating a small and saturated market, and problems hiring manpower aligned with the company’s business model. The key success factors for Yamato Transport in Japan and their applicability in Singapore are analyzed. What will it take for Yamato Transport to succeed in Singapore when pitted against the mighty SingPost?
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This case is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in international business, global strategy and Asian business courses. This case can be used to discuss a number of important issues for culturally driven businesses when they expand into other markets where culture has a significant impact on business model, revenues and profit margins. Asia is a continent where each country has its own cultural identity, and local strategy needs to be paired with global thinking. The case describes challenges faced by Yamato in becoming a market leader in other Asian countries.
General Management/Strategy,  International
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Japan; Singapore, Large, 2010
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