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Best Practices for Meeting Manufacturing’s Global Talent Challenge
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In mature economies, manufacturers are struggling with aging workforces, talent deficits in math and science, and outdated employee value propositions. In emerging economies, manufacturers are suffering from a lack of skilled employees, rising salary expectations, high employee attrition, and a shortage of managers with experience working for multinationals. This article provides a list of global talent best practices that fall into three categories. 1. Innovation in talent sourcing: employing specialized headhunters, partnering with academia, pursuing alternative sourcing, and partnering with outsourcing service providers. 2. Investment in global talent competencies: articulating a global career progression model, recruiting global boundary spanners, implementing global HR and talent processes, globalizing training and development, and creating a global knowledge management system. 3. Cultivation of “glocal” organizational cultures, brands, and employee value propositions: promoting the career and company, creating a glocal brand, and tailoring the employee value proposition. As this article shows, there is no easy solution to the talent shortage in manufacturing, and companies must pursue and develop talent in a variety of ways. The winners in the competition for talent will be those manufacturers that develop innovative recruiting methods, global competencies, and glocal employer brands and employee value propositions.
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