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Books for Change: Reorienting Business and Marketing Strategies
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13 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Books for Change (BfC), a small publisher, produces books that focus on the social sector. The company’s purpose is to raise awareness about specific development issues among academia, researchers and policy makers. BfC was started in 1998 by ActionAid, an international non-governmental organization working in the field of social development. Like other small publishers, BfC faces various challenges, including a lower demand for its books and difficulty in distribution and marketing. ActionAid has provided financial support to BfC by covering its operating losses; however, it now needs to allocate greater funds to its own development activities and, therefore, has asked BfC to become financially independent. BfC needs to prepare the strategy and plan for making BfC profitable.
Learning Objective:
Through the case analysis and discussion, the students will understand and learn to apply the following management concepts:
  • Defining and quantifying an organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Analyzing the competition using Porter’s Five Forces Model and identifying the challenges to be faced to achieve these objectives.
  • Defining the strategy that an organization needs to achieve its objectives.
  • Developing a strategy for the marketing mix, comprising product, pricing, placement and promotion.

This case can be used for participants in following programs:
  • MBA/Post-Graduate Program (PGP) and executive training program; in the first half of the course on strategy, during the teaching of the various tools of industry analysis and the concept of competitive advantage.
  • MBA/PGP; during a course on strategic marketing, where the students learn how to leverage, marketing to achieve strategic objectives.
Marketing,  General Management/Strategy,  International
Social Advocacy Organizations
India, Small, 2011
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