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Pure Organic Food and Juice Bar
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03/28/2016 (Format Change)
14 pages (9 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Pure Organic Food and Juice Bar (Pure) is a restaurant located in Collingwood, Ontario specializing in raw, organic and vegan foods. The company’s strategy is to tap into the growing demand for food that is associated with a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle. However, the difficulty of attracting customers in a small town with seasonal fluctuations in the number of residents/visitors, combined with competition from “green” products provided by competing restaurants and grocery stores and the lack of a focused strategy have resulted in weak profit levels. The co-founders are wondering what needs to be changed to tap into the lucrative mainstream market. Students are pushed to think about how Pure should change its strategy, what sorts of marketing approaches it should use and, most importantly, how the co-founders can tap into the mainstream market without compromising their original values.
Learning Objective:
The case helps students understand:
  • The challenges associated with operating a business based on principles of sustainability.
  • How “sustainability” represents part of a successful strategy for business.
  • How to devise a strategy for shifting from a niche market to the mainstream market.
  • How an experience-based value proposition can represent a form of strategic differentiation.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship
Accommodation & Food Services
Canada, Small, 2011
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