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Ontario Place Revitalization
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In 2012, the Ontario provincial government announced that after 41 years in operation, the iconic Toronto tourist attraction Ontario Place would be shut down. The immediate closing would save the province and tax payers an estimated $20 million a year and eliminate at least 48 full-time jobs and 600 summer positions in the process. Ontario Place attendance had dropped sharply from an average of three million visitors during the early 1980's, to just over 327,000 in 2010. The Ontario government planned to keep the park closed until 2017 and spend the five years following closure to redevelop the majority of the site. It established an advisory panel empowered with the task of evaluating how to once again make Ontario Place a popular city venue and tourist destination. The advisory panel was expected to submit a full report outlining the best ideas for the Ontario Place revitalization to the provincial government by the end of the summer.
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This case was written to place students directly into the leadership role of an advisory panel that has been empowered with the task of producing a list of recommendations on how to revitalize a popular city venue and tourist destination. As members of the advisory panel, students must use their decision-making, analysis, and creativity skills to consider a wide range of different revitalization options for the Ontario Place location. Students must also take into consideration the different types of entertainment competition in the area, condominium development, changing demographics, and public opinion. The end goal is for students to provide the government with a list of the most suitable options, with justification and implications to revitalize and sustain the Ontario Place location.
General Management/Strategy
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Canada, Large, 2012
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