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PGA Golf: Is Sunday Made for TV?
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Case (Gen Exp)
In 2011, two avid golfers were having a debate over whether scores were lower on Sundays. One of the golfers believed that courses were made easier on Sunday for viewers who wanted to see low scores. The other golfer countered that all the pressure on the golfers on Sunday would surely raise their scores and, in fact, the television coverage would make things worse.

Using a dataset from the 2011 season, various questions about golfers and golf tournament can be addressed. These include: Are scores different from the first day to the last day? Are scores different across the four rounds? Are young people doing better than those who are older? Do long hitters have lower scores? How important is driving accuracy in determining one’s score? Do people putt for dough and drive for show?

The dataset is available from the case author.

The dataset contains over 1,000 responses across the four generations (Veterans, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y). It also contains enough responses to deal with the question of whether there were three sub-generations of Boomers.
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A variety of statistical tests can be used to answer the questions in this case. These include paired and unpaired tests of means, repeated measures, ANOVA, correlation and regression. Crosstabs can also be used.
Management Science
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
United States, 2011
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