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Training and Development at RVA: A Nonprofit Organization
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Case (Field)
The case is about a non-profit organization located in Manchester, England. As a regional association helping smaller voluntary organizations and groups survive and grow, the organization itself depends on fundraising and donations and runs on project-based funding. The projects normally run for three to five years. Hiring and training new employees every two to three months is common. Due to project timelines, employees leave as soon as they find another job. Many complain about the lack of development opportunities within the organization. The chief executive officer has seven people working for him and needs to make a plan to retain his employees for the whole life of each project. For this purpose, he has decided to devise training and development programs for them. There are different options available for this purpose, each with pros and cons. Considering scarce funding, small project tenure, and his goal to provide fair opportunities for all, he must decide which option best fits his organization’s needs and resources.
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The case can be used for modules in human resource development. Its main purpose is to expose students to a real-life setting for which they can design training and development programs with limited funding. The case is best suited for strategic human resource management, introduction to management, and management development modules. It can be taught after students have been introduced to training need analysis and different training models (for instance, systematic training models). Students need to understand how training sessions are decided and allocated within an organization.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Social Advocacy Organizations
United Kingdom, Small, 2009
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