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The Popcorn Predicament: Competition, Conflict and Buying Behaviour
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Case (Gen Exp)
This B2B role-play case, with its six supplements, is a six part interaction between competing Original Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and End Users, each with their own business priorities. It is an excellent case to explore organizational buying behaviour, the discipline of the selling process, and the management of sales resources (time) as an asset. It can be included in an introductory marketing course at the MBA or undergraduate level. It is equally effective for executive development. It also fits in a B2B marketing course to explore organizational buying behaviour, or in the introduction module of a sales management course.
Learning Objective:
  • To understand that B2B buying decisions are structured processes.
  • To learn why the organizational buying process involves multiple players (DMU). Also, to understand needs related to various skill sets, different perspectives, different criteria, buy-in, risk management, etc.
  • To learn the different market chains and types of buying processes for different types of products — in this case, MRO-OPEX and CAPEX.

  • To learn how B2B sales orders are usually formal contracts (different from B2C). There must be a signed contract (in this case, a purchase order).
  • To learn how distributors add value, and how distributors and suppliers can collaborate in the sales process to improve effectiveness.
  • To understand that selling is a process, that sales time is an investment, and that the allocation of time must be planned. Sales calls require planning. (Appointments must be made and there must be value in each call.)
Marketing,  Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
North America, Small, 2011
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Associated Materials
Supplements: 9B12A021C (8 pages) 9B12A021A (11 pages) 9B12A021D (8 pages) 9B12A021F (7 pages) 9B12A021E (7 pages) 9B12A021B (11 pages)
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