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Indian Premier League: Re-energizing Cricket?
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This case deals with cricket in India following the 2007 World Cup and leading to the early manifestations of the Indian Premier League’s Twenty20 cricket championship (IPLT20). Following the elimination of India from the knock-out phase of the World Cup 2007 (One Day Cricket) championship, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and team sponsors found themselves at a crossroads. Other sports and entities were competing with cricket for companies’ advertising budgets and, in this setting, the IPLT20 was born. As the IPLT20 caught the imagination of viewers, the Sahara Group, an Indian conglomerate, was faced with an opportunity to bid for a new franchise, which could be one of two additional teams to join the existing eight-team IPLT20. The Sahara Group had been apprehensive about continuing its sponsorship of the Indian test team in the past and had missed the opportunity to own a franchise at the launch of the IPLT20 two years earlier. This case allows for an analysis of the Indian cricket environment in 2007 and the evolution of the IPLT20, as well as an assessment of a bid by the Sahara Group to enter the IPLT20.
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This case highlights the fact that when industry forces are unfavourable, a mindset for new thinking can deploy Blue Ocean Strategy frameworks to cross industry boundaries and create market space. By the process of “eliminate-reduce-raise-create,” both cost leadership and willingness to pay can be achieved. This value innovation lays the path to profitable growth. The case may be used:

  • To apply tools and frameworks of Blue Ocean Strategy in understanding the emergence of the IPLT20.
  • To explore the idea of a structuralist versus reconstructionist approach to strategy.
  • To contrast red oceans and blue oceans and thus serve as an appreciation of Blue Ocean Strategy.
General Management/Strategy,  Marketing,  International
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
India, Medium, 2010
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