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Location Planning at A.B. Corp.
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Case (Field)
In March 2010, the management of A.B. Corp. announced its plan to select a definite location for its central warehouse. The company, a major producer of agriculture and farm equipment, had gone through three consecutive years of financial loss as a result of increasing production costs. Management had to select a central warehouse between four candidates, based on the location of five distribution centres, the loads to be transferred, and other factors such as land costs and tax.
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The case objective is to understand the interrelationship between quantitative and qualitative factors in decision making. The case provides a good illustration of how a small/medium-sized organization, even with resource constraints, can utilize technological and economic analysis in various plant activities. The case also highlights problems that occur in assessing the trade-offs between various qualitative and quantitative factors. It provides a good foundation for quantitative decision making and teaches students to take a holistic view of factors such as centre of gravity and load-distance for deciding on a suitable location.
Operations Management,  General Management/Strategy,  Management Science,  International
India, Small, 2010
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