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Viridity Energy: The Challenge and Opportunity of Promoting Clean Energy Solutions
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Case (Field)
Case Western/Ivey
Smart grid companies such as Viridity Energy are finding profitable opportunities to help their customers cut energy bills and simultaneously get credit for greater environmental responsibility. But will consuming fewer dirty watts from fuel sources such as coal and natural gas be a sufficient objective for customers in the future? What will rising societal expectations, tougher environment regulations, and new distributed clean energy technologies mean for the ability of smart grid companies to engage new customers and differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded field?
Learning Objective:
The objective of the case is to highlight the challenges and opportunities for smart grid companies to promote clean energy solutions. Smart grid players are already in the sustainability game by virtue of helping their customers become more eco-efficient. Students can explore the distinction between products and services that are aimed at eco-efficiency (doing less harm) and those aimed at providing solutions to global problems. A secondary question revolves around how, and to what extent, smart grid companies like Viridity should market the sustainability benefits of being green relative to competitors who position similar benefits mainly in terms of cost savings or other purely economic outcomes.
General Management/Strategy,  Marketing,  Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  Entrepreneurship
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
United States, Small, 2011
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