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City of Sarnia — Contract Policing Proposal
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Case (Field)
In March 2010, a city in Southwestern Ontario received a costing proposal from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The mayor and the other city councillors needed to decide whether to disband the city’s current municipally based Sarnia Police Services (SPS) and replace it with contract policing from the OPP. The city’s request for the proposal had created much discomfort for the SPS employees, and had polarized the entire community. After analyzing the OPP contract proposal, the city planned to make several adjustments to the OPP financial estimate so that it would more closely reflect the current level of service provided by the SPS.
Learning Objective:
Teaching objectives include the following:

  • Students gain exposure to decision making in a municipal government environment.

  • Students are introduced to differential analysis as a useful analytical tool for evaluation purposes.

  • Students learn the importance of comparing “apples to apples” when considering contract work as a substitute for in-house operations. In this case, the OPP contract proposal did not include several costs to make the financial estimate comparable to current SPS operations.

  • Students are given practice at making a decision when the quantitative analysis conflicts with the qualitative analysis.
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Canada, Large, 2010
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