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Anjali Kumar — Negotiating a Job Offer (A)
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4 pages (2 pages of text)
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Case (Gen Exp)
Anjali Kumar receives her first job offer after graduation at an organization she admires, with interesting work and good benefits, but the salary is low. Also, she is unsure whether the position offers any advancement opportunities. At the end of the (A) case, Anjali has to decide whether to accept the offer, decline it, or try to negotiate a better offer, even though she has received no other offers at the time.
Learning Objective:
Instructors can use the case to discuss how to negotiate a job offer from a potential employer. At the end of the (A) case, students can create a plan for Anjali on how she should approach the negotiation and exactly what she should say to the employer. At the end of the (B) case, students can assess the outcome and draw implications for their own job search and negotiation efforts. An opportunity also exists to discuss whether gender is a factor that affects negotiation processes and outcomes.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Educational Services
Canada, 2011
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Supplements: 9B11C046 (2 pages)
Translations: Simplified Chinese (5 pages)
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