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Sirius XM Radio Canada
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Case (Library)
On April 11, 2011, the merger between Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (the parent company of XM Canada) and SIRIUS Canada Inc. received the approval of CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission). This was the last obstacle standing in the way of the president and CEO of the new organization. The president had had plenty of time to prepare for this merger since it was first announced in November of 2010. However, with only a few months before the implementation plan was to go into place, the president was once more reviewing the proposal that he had prepared. The merger of XM Canada and SIRIUS Canada was not going to be easy. Both organizations had been fierce competitors, but it was clear that their survival was dependant on a successful merger. The president’s plan had to consider the make-up of the management team, the consolidated marketing strategy, operations and information systems integration, and how all of this was to be financed.
Learning Objective:
This case looks at the challenges of integrating the merger of two competitors. Students are asked to consider all of the issues in a merger integration including: organizational structure, selection of a new management team, operations and IT system synergies, financing, and capital structure.

Students will have to look at the alternatives for each issue as well as how each issue relates to one another. There are also risks associated with these decisions that could have devastating consequences. The complexity of this merger integration also gives students some insight into why so many mergers and acquisitions fail to live up to expectations.
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Canada, Large, 2011
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