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Souk El Tayeb: The Good Food Market in Lebanon
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Case (Field)
Souk el Tayeb, Lebanon’s first weekly farmers’ market, and Tawlet, a farmers’ restaurant — the former adopting the legal structure of an NGO and the latter being an income-generating company — were joined by one vision to “celebrate food and traditions that unite communities and support small-scale farmers and producers and a culture of sustainable agriculture.” Souk el Tayeb’s founder, Kamal Mouzawak, first launched Souk el Tayeb in May 2004 in Beirut, Lebanon. The idea was to create a communal space for farmers across the country to sell their organic produce and products. The overarching vision was to create a platform that joined different people celebrating food, culture, and traditions and promoted and supported the agricultural sector in Lebanon. Mouzawak and his business partner were in the process of brainstorming ways to grow the impact of their business without compromising quality standards, all while meeting the ever-looming challenge of financial sustainability.
Learning Objective:
The case discusses:
  • The structure of a social enterprise including non-profit and income-generating dimensions.
  • How multiple projects organically develop from one clear vision as expressions of that vision.
  • The financial sustainability and viability of a social enterprise.
  • The potential of a social enterprise to foster sustainable development and impact on a large scale including strengthening the agricultural sector, building the capacity and livelihoods of small-scale farmers, and empowering employees.
General Management/Strategy,  Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Social Advocacy Organizations
Lebanon, Small, 2011
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