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Canadian Blood Services
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Case (Field)
The marketing manager for Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is concerned about a growing demand for blood — two per cent per year — driven by a number of factors, including the decrease of wait times in local hospitals, new operating procedures, and increased use or requirements of an aging population. Peak demand seasons coincide with low supply seasons, such as summer and winter holidays. Two issues require attention: the first involves increasing the absolute number of donors, currently in the 400,000 range. Indications are that the percentage of Canadians who donate blood (four per cent) is lower than other countries such as Sweden (five per cent). The second need is to retain more donors and increase the number of donations per donor each year. The CBS still faces issues stemming from the tainted blood scandal of the 1980s and the subsequent Krever inquiry. It is working to rebuild the trust of the public. The crux of the issue is understanding consumer behaviour toward blood donation. The manager needs to understand the consumer decision process, examine segments, determine a target segment, and develop communications to increase both the absolute number of donors and the repeat donations of identified donors.
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The case touches on a personal aspect of consumer behaviour — the donation of blood. Students play the role of a marketing manager at CBS in order to understand consumer motivations and develop a strategy to increase donor numbers and repeat donations with an ultimate objective of increasing the blood supply. Topics covered include market research and information sources, consumer behaviour (decision making), segmentation, and communications strategy.
Health Care Services
Ontario, Canada, Large, 2011
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