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The Tim Hortons Brier
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10/27/2011 (Data)
16 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The Tim Hortons Brier is the annual Canadian men’s national curling championship. In the case, students will assume the role of Peter Inch, chair of the 2011 Brier Host Committee, to create and finalize the promotional plan for the 2011 Brier, to be held in London, Ontario. Inch’s objectives are two-fold: i) create interest for the event and the sport of curling and ii) execute a safe and profitable event.
Learning Objective:
The Tim Hortons Brier case can be used in an undergraduate or graduate marketing course with a specific emphasis on promotions and/or integrated communications. It may also be used for a sports marketing class. The case is designed to be used as a standalone case, but could also fit within a multi-case module dealing with sports or events marketing. The case is well suited to an out-of-class assignment where the deliverable is either (a) a complete integrated marketing communications plan from January until the start of the Brier or (b) a series of advertisements that are to be rolled out monthly to promote the event. In the case of the latter, the emphasis would be on the creative dimension and aligning it with the Brier’s stated business goals (e.g. generating awareness and excitement, filling seats, etc.).
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Canada, Small, 2011
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