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Tracy Chan: “We Need to Talk”
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17 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Gen Exp)
Tracy Chan, managing director of the Student Learning and Writing Services (SLWS) at St. Charles University in Calgary, Alberta, was faced with a difficult situation. Her newest employee, Michael Hinske, had just e-mailed her a list of faculty members he had contacted to educate on the SLWS writing program offered to graduate students. Chan quickly noticed that the faculty names were of individuals who had already been contacted. There was no indication that Hinske had made any attempt to discuss the program with other faculties on campus. Since joining the team six months earlier, Hinske’s mandate for the academic year had been to create a series of writing workshops and liaise with different faculties on campus. Chan needed a plan of action before confronting Hinske about his inability to fulfill his job requirements, including his failure to create new contacts between the graduate writing program and faculties on campus.
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This case was written to place students into a difficult managerial role. Students examine the challenges that can occur when a proposal for a new position is submitted, as well as the justifying arguments when selecting a candidate during the interview process, and management of a new employee when starting a position. The case also provides students with a perspective on the challenges that can occur for a new employee in maintaining communication. Students must use their problem-solving and communication skills to come up with a plan of action for dealing with Hinske, making careful analysis of the events that have occurred.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Educational Services
Canada, Large, 2009
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