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CCM Hockey: The Re-Launch of the U+ Pro Skate
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18 pages (11 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
CCM Hockey had been losing market share to competitors in the hockey skate business. In order to counter this trend, in March 2008 the most innovative pair of hockey skates ever developed by CCM was made available to customers. Soon after the launch, however, some quality issues developed. In 2009, new and improved skates were put on the market but they looked identical to the previous model. Buyers were skeptical and, as a result, sales were poor. Both the trade and individual consumers had lost confidence in the brand. CCM returned to the drawing board and redesigned the skates but also decided to launch them in fall 2010, instead of the normal industry cycle time of spring 2010. The decision was complicated by a stagnant market and indistinct consumer segments. The brand manager and his assistant were faced with developing a strong launch strategy because the future of the CCM skate brand depended on it.
Learning Objective:
  • To understand the possible negative effects of hasty decision making based on expediency.
  • To understand the importance of customer and competitive analysis for the development of a positioning strategy.
  • To understand the difficulty of regaining retailer and customer trust after product quality becomes an issue.
  • To practice doing the analysis and synthesis required to formulate an integrated communication program where competition is fierce, customers have difficulty judging the quality of a product, and the reputation of a brand is critical for success.
  • To identify an appropriate communication strategy for a company that is facing a tough competitive environment.
    This case is appropriate for course modules dealing with integrated marketing communications, branding, and positioning at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Large, 2010
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