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Canada Goose: The South Korea Opportunity
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12/05/2012 (Data)
17 pages (12 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Canada Goose was a Canadian maker of high-end winter outdoor clothing that was available in 40 countries. The company’s CEO was considering entering the South Korean market, which would entail resolving several problems. There were distributor complications, and it was unclear which style of jacket to sell to the new customer groups. Finally, deciding how to position Canada Goose in order to reach the two target groups for Canada Goose in South Korea was something that had bothered the CEO ever since he had first received the market research. Those issues aside, the firm also had to consider how the current state of the company, both in North America and Western Europe, would impact the success of a full-scale entry into South Korea. The CEO was excited for the opportunity for Canada Goose in South Korea, yet he was unsure how to maximize growth while positioning the brand as strongly as possible.
Learning Objective:
This case allows students to understand the complexity involved in a new market entry decision. The focus is less on the new market, and more on the impact on the entire firm of entering that market. Interconnected decisions about product, distribution, and positioning provide a rewarding experience for students. Canada Goose’s products are so popular at the time of the case that it has trouble manufacturing enough, and yet it has growth goals, and wants to continue to open new markets. The case could be taught from several angles. More narrowly, one could focus on the possible impact on the brand of over-expansion. More broadly, one could use any number of strategic frameworks to look at this decision within the scope of the strategic direction of the firm. Generally, issues of distribution and product-level tactics could be the focus.
Marketing,  International
Retail Trade
Canada, South Korea, Medium, 2010
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