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Ivey Publishing
India's Mewar Dynasty: Upholding 76 Generations of Service and Custodianship
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11/22/2011 (Format Change)
18 pages
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Case (Field)
There are not many families in the world that can claim continuity of existence for over 76 generations in business or otherwise. Families that survive over the long term tend to have strong values that are in line with the basic principles of trusteeship — to preserve and grow wealth (both material and otherwise) for the benefit of future generations. This case is based on the history and current challenges of the Mewar dynasty, who ruled part of India for 13 centuries. The family must consider the issue of succession and continuity in its palace hotel business and non-commercial activities.
Learning Objective:
The case may be used to discuss the following concepts:
  • Role of custodianship in a dynamic family business context.
  • Possible opportunities to define the scope of a trusteeship beyond business.
  • Challenges faced by a family leader as the custodian of inherited (and expanded) wealth.
  • Choosing successors.
Trusteeship; Family Governance; Succession Planning; Leadership Challenges; Hotels; India; Ivey/ISB
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Other Services
India, 2010
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