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Ocimum Biosolutions: From Bioinformatics to Integrated Custom Research Outsourcing
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Case (Field)
Ocimum Biosolutions, a start-up Indian bioinformatics venture in 2000, had established a presence in Europe and the United States by 2010. The contract research outsourcing industry was expected to continue to grow, as large pharmaceutical companies in industrialized countries were outsourcing work at all stages of the drug development lifecycle — from discovery research to clinical trials designed to accelerate drug development as established drugs came off patent. The current challenges for Ocimum were continued growth and the ability to manage expansion while balancing risk. Anu Acharya, Ocimum’s CEO, was considering possible solutions.
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This case is designed primarily for use in full-time and executive MBA program modules on strategic management; globalization; entrepreneurship; technology and innovation management; and business policy. For example, the case may be used to explore strategic issues around the successful emergence of a firm in a high-technology industry — in this case, biotechnology — in an emerging market such as India. It may also be used to discuss knowledge-intensive firms, the biotechnology industry, global competition, internationalization, U.S.-India business opportunities, and emerging markets in Asia.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Health Care Services
India; Europe; United States, Medium, 2010
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