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Developing an International Growth Strategy at New York Fries
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Case (Field)
New York Fries’ president and executive vice president were preparing for the next biannual meeting of domestic and international franchisees. They planned to provide an update on all aspect of corporate strategy and planning for the year ahead, but they only had a few days to formulate a new international growth strategy. The president and executive vice president were hesitant to expand into new territories partly due to poor experiences in Australia and South Korea, yet international franchisees had encouraged them to investigate promising areas of expansion into China and India. Complicating matters was the future development of the company’s chain of premium hamburger restaurants. While New York Fries was a well-received brand in Canada, it had not yet decided if and how to internationalize the brand. How could the president and executive vice president pursue new opportunities while maintaining their premium brands of French fries and hamburgers?
Learning Objective:
  • To provide insight into the formulation of international strategy in an industry where franchising is the norm.
  • To provide insight into international firms’ strategic tension between continuing to expand internationally on the one hand, and developing and strengthening products and brands on the other.
  • To help students gain skills in assessing risks in international expansion.
    General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
    Accommodation & Food Services
    Canada, Asia, Medium, 2011
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