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Religion in the Workplace: Tyson Foods, Inc.
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Case (Library)
Northeastern University
The case discusses an American food processor that embraced faith in the workplace, which helped to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. Recently, Tyson Foods had sought to broaden its religious accommodation to reflect the changing demographics of its employees. At the time of the case, Christian fundamentalism was the predominant religion of Tyson and many employees and community members reacted negatively to the company’s efforts to accommodate Islam in a factory that employed a significant number of Muslims. The company was faced with a decision of how to react to the backlash against its Muslim employees.
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According to a McKinsey study, companies engaged in spiritual activities can improve productivity and reduce turnover significantly. Creating “spiritual economies could aid Western management practices in objectifying spirituality as a management tool and ‘reconfiguring work as a form of worship and religious duty.’”

This case and Religion in the Workplace: The British Airways Cross Controversy can be used along with Credit Suisse Christian Values Fund (#9B09M021) to discuss social responsibility and cultural aspects in international business courses.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
United States, Medium, 2010
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