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Total’s Carbon Capture and Storage Project at LACQ (A): Risk Opportunity in Public Engagement
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Case (Field)
This case series outlines the strategic choices facing Jean-Michel Gires, Total E&P France’s (TEPF) vice president of sustainable development, in designing and implementing a community engagement strategy. Case (A) begins with the approval of a pilot carbon capture and storage (CCS) system at TEPF’s Lacq facility in France, and outlines the strategic context for the community engagement process. Case (B) is positioned three years later.

The case includes a range of issues impacting the decision-making context, including the role of CCS in mitigating climate change; an outline of CCS technology; TEPF’s climate change strategy; the history of TEPF’s operations in the Lacq gas field, and interactions with local communities; the E.U. climate change regulatory environment (including carbon pricing and CCS); and CCS regulatory uncertainty in France.
Learning Objective:
After analyzing and discussing this case, students should be able to:
  • Explain what carbon capture and storage (CCS) is, and evaluate its role in alleviating climate change.
  • Assess when a company might want to invest in CCS technology.
  • Identify and assess the risks and benefits associated with public engagement on new or controversial technologies.
  • Design a community engagement strategy, including an overall strategic approach and the selection of appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Analyze the success of a community engagement strategy, and draw lessons for similar processes.

The case can be used in undergraduate, MBA, and executive classes, often in a course on strategies for sustainability. The focus for each of these audiences is a little different, with more emphasis on applying the case to stakeholder management/community engagement models (such as the power/interest matrix, or the “3Ts framework” outlined in the teaching note) in undergraduate classes, and more on the community engagement consultancy task for MBAs and executives. It could also be used in business classes to illustrate issues surrounding business responses to climate change or carbon management strategies, in communications classes on designing public risk communication for new technologies, or in project management or other engineering courses as a way of thinking through the stakeholder and community issues surrounding industrial projects or facilities.
General Management/Strategy,  Operations Management,  Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
France, Large, 2010
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