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iSoftStone: The Globalization of a Chinese IT Sourcing and Services Power House
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Northeastern University
Between 2001 and 2011, iSoftStone Holdings Ltd. grew from a small information technology services firm operating out of Beijing with 40 employees into a global IT consulting and services company with 11,000 employees, effectively competing with established Indian outsourcing IT providers such as Tata and InfoSys. The case discusses the particular go-to-market and growth strategies of iSoftStone and its evolution as a global player. The focus of the case is on addressing how iSoftStone approached the management of its human capital and intellectual property as both the vehicle for its rapid and successful expansion and as a differentiating factor between the enterprise and its competitors. The iSoftStone story also demonstrates the importance of enterprise-wide measurement of performance and the use of lessons learned in refining internal business processes and in developing project and service delivery teams.
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The iSoftStone case may be used to discuss the firm’s particular business strategy; the emergence, development, and growth of a global enterprise headquartered in China; and information technology and business process outsourcing. Of particular interest is the firm’s ability to achieve success by leveraging its intellectual property and human capital. The teaching note explores the use of an information management integrative framework, as well as a model for the symbiotic relationship between decision support and knowledge management.
Information Systems
China, Global, Small, 2011
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