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Case (Field)
This case describes the strategic internationalization options of a Taiwan-based digital music service provider, KKBOX.com. KKBOX was the first independent profitable digital music service provider in the world, with several factors having contributed to its profitability. While KKBOX looked for growth, service internationalization made it increase its involvement in international operations through adapting its strategy, resources, and structure. The CEO of KKBOX needed to decide between global growth through a content-based path, a technology platform path, or a new service path. Though there were good reasons to pursue each, it was vital to prioritize them to understand what was negotiable and what was core when going across borders to build a sustainable and strong KKBOX brand.
Learning Objective:
  • To develop an understanding of the core service model that leads to success in a cloud-based digital music service.
  • To demonstrate the use of value co-creation interactions among network entities as ways to understand the behaviour of KKBOX’s core service model and its service internationalization model.
  • To explore the principle used to develop successful cloud-based services that involve resources across firms and countries.
Operations Management
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Small, 2011
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