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Health Care Center for the Homeless: Changing with the Times
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12 pages (9 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Bakari Burns, CEO of the Health Care Center for the Homeless (HCCH) in Orlando, Florida, was faced with the daunting task of rebranding the organization. He knew that the organization experienced difficulty with recognition and marketplace distinction, primarily due to the public’s misconceptions about the relationship between HCCH and the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. An external consulting team offered several recommendations for change, including an amended name and redesigning all marketing materials. This advice and changes in the external environment made it an excellent time to reposition and refocus the organization. Recognizing the need for a new strategy and implementing that strategy were not the same; Burns was not sure how to lead the organization through the change process.
Learning Objective:
The objectives of this case are to:
  • Utilize internal and external analysis as a means of understanding the current situation and Burns’s need to rebrand the organization.
  • Understand how brand orientation is critical to strategy for NPOs (non-profit organizations).
  • Improve understanding of brand orientation through the application and analysis of the construct to the case’s NPO.
  • Apply Kotter’s change model in order to understand Burns’s role in introducing and leading change toward the acceptance of the new brand image and orientation.
  • Facilitate discussion of the mission-driven nature of social service organizations and social issues of homelessness and health care.

This case is suitable for use in undergraduate and first-year graduate courses in change management and branding. The detailed treatment of environmental analysis may also make the case useful in marketing management or strategy courses. The contentious, socially relevant issues of health care and homelessness make the case particularly relevant to courses in public administration and non-profit management.
United States, Small, 2009
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