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Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company: Marketing from Palestine
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15 pages (12 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company (BPC), established in 1974, had successfully completed a number of mergers and had overcome challenges and development phases in order to secure a strong position in its local market, Palestine, as well as introduce a wide range of products in the export market. BPC’s continuous success, despite political instability and continuous restrictions on its growth and expansion, led the company to focus beyond its local presence. Despite the growth of BPC and its financial solidity, it was very similar to other Arab businesses, which were reluctant to invest significantly and take big risks in growing outside their areas. BPC did not wish to risk large amounts of money, and instead chose to expand to new markets or introduce new niche products on a conservative basis. BPC invested in an Algerian packaging company in 2006 and aimed to meet its vision of growth by entering new markets and introducing new products. It wanted the packaging company to later grow to a manufacturing company, and accordingly to an export location. In a business environment that was characterized by quick decisions and high competition, the company needed to make faster decisions, invest more money, and choose a new path to secure its business development and growth. Competition in pharmaceutical manufacturing, especially among generics, was increasing greatly, and the faster BPC moved, the more competitive it would be.
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This case is appropriate to teach in international marketing and risk management courses. In an international marketing course, the discussion can focus both on the sociopolitical challenges that BPC faces in its local and international markets and on the poor growth and sustainability of the business. Additionally, classes can discuss the challenges of doing business in Algeria, the modes of entry into the market, and the need for product diversification. In a risk management course, the discussion can focus on the competitiveness of BPC’s products, both nationally and internationally.
Entrepreneurship,  International,  Marketing
Palestine, Medium, 2010
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